Przedsiębiorstwo Uzdrowisko Ciechocinek S.A.
87-720 Ciechocinek
ul. Kościuszki 10
Centrala: tel. 54 283 6078,
fax 54 283 6295
email: sanatorium@
Rezerwacja: 54 283 6265,
fax 54 283 3032
email: rezerwacja@
NIP: 891-000-30-34
Regon: 910869972
KRS: Sąd Rejonowy w Toruniu VII Wydział Gospodarcz Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego
nr KRS 0000062945

Mapa obiektów PUC


For many years we have organized:

  • therapeutic, prophylactic and rehabilitational holidays
  • holidays partly paid by PCPR
  • holidays for mothers with children
  • "white and green holidays"
  • holidays camps
  • holidays and weekend family stays
  • holidays for obesity people
  • conferences and meeting

Additionally we offer:

  • accommodation
  • rehabilitation
  • meals
  • examination connected with the qualifications for work
  • diagnostic tests (including densitometry)

We specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of adults and children, including people on the wheelchairs with the following illnesses:

  • system of motion: rheumatologic and traumatic illnesses, congenital defects, muscular atrophy (patient must be accompanied by his/her own caregiver), curvature of the spine, disorders of motion
  • central and peripheral nervous system: paresis, paralysis, strokes, neuralgia, traumatic and surgical conditions
  • circulation system: hypertension 1st and 2nd degree according to WHO, peripheral vessels illness: atherosclerosis, Reynoud’s illness, vessel neurosis
  • respiratory system: chronic bronchitis, laryngitis, rhinitis
  • metaphysical: diabetes, osteoporosis, overweight
  • female: chronic inflammation of generative organ, infertility, development disorders, surgical conditions, menstruation ailments connected with the menopause
  • additional we recommend holidays for the obese people with fitness club

The modern rehabilitation base is adapted to the rehabilitation of the disabled. We offer over 50 kinds of therapeutic rehabilitation from kinesitherapy, physiotherapy, balneotherapy, hydrotherpy (including three salt swimming pools) with the use of natural resources (brine and therapeutic mud), inhalations, kriotherapy, massages, gynaecological surgeries.

We assure the high quality of the therapeutic services, tasty meals and pleasant atmosphere.